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Want to learn how I used plants to finally beat my IBS, candida overgrowth and all the crappy symptoms that come with it ?


I’m Stormy Ray


I’m the creator of New Norm Co. and a previous IBS and Candida sufferer!

I believe that eating plant-based has the power to change your entire health – just like it did for me.

On here you will find information, tips and motivation to make eating plants your new norm!

On this site, I’ll teach you healthy new food norms, we’ll dive into your questions like: will this help my IBS? what about candida? I thought meat was good for you? should I eat fruit? what about protein? ……

I’m going to help you cut through the confusion by sharing my experience and what I’ve learned along the way so you can start eating plants and feeling your absolute best.



On my podcast I interview people from all walks of life to learn all about their experience becoming and being plant-based.

Their stories are so inspiring and so different from each other!

(..and occasional solo episodes from me)














use plants to control IBS + candida. 

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6 Surprising Benefits of a Plant Based Diet

I kind of went whole food plant based on a whim. When I started, I had no idea that there were so many benefits of a plant based diet. I was sick of feeling sick and tired and I'd tried every other ‘healthy diet, cleanse and supplement’ under the sun with no success -...

Is Too Much Fruit Bad for you? Fruit vs. Sugar

photo by aleksander pasaric on pexels Are you afraid of fruit? Are you wondering if too much fruit is bad for you? In my years of being alive, which incidentally is not that many (I'm 27), I have spent approximately 7 years being afraid of fruit, I limited it like no...

Is Cheese Bad for You? How to Finally Say Good-bye

I walk into my new job, it’s my first day of work. I meet the most wonderful lady who has already been told I’m vegan and she looks at me so alarmed and says “but what about cheese?” This is a question I’ve been asked over and over throughout my years of being a...

6 Vegan Cheese Substitutes for When You Go Dairy-Free

I remember constantly trying to give up cheese but always caving in as my auntie cooked me a big delicious pile of fried cheese or an entire block of garlic roasted brie. It took a heck of a lot of trying but eventually, I learned some really good reasons which I will...

How to Use Garlic for Yeast Infections: A step-by-step guide

Please note that I am not a doctor, this is entirely based on my personal experience using garlic for yeast infections. It is important to do your own research before deciding if you’d like to try this as some doctors inform against it and I think it’s important to...

Should I use Garlic for Yeast Infections? My Experience Putting Garlic ‘Up There’

It was the summer of 2016 and I’d woken up to the pungent smell of garlic in a hotel room with my best friend. We were on vacation and somehow we both felt a yeast infection brewing in our lady bits - so what did we do? What we’d learned worked best. Grabbed some...

Why you should give up ‘dieting’ and Consider a Lifestyle Change Instead

I was exhausted with yo-yo dieting. I felt like I would be forever starting and stoping diets forever. It killed my will power, until I realized what I needed was a long term lifestyle change.

What is Candida Albicans? My Candida Story

An overgrowth of candida albicans can make your life a living hell. I know. I’ve experienced it first hand and I’ve beat it! Let me show you how.

How Social Distancing and Coronavirus Make Now an Excellent Time to Go Plant-Based

Social distancing and concerns about health are making now a better time than ever to go plant-based,

What it’s like to live with IBS

Everybody likes a good poop.  Especially people with IBS. Whether you talk about it or not, we all know, that having good poops is way up there on your list of top feel-good things. It was a thing I longed for all my life but only came to me sporadically. It was not...

eat more plant

For the planet

For the animals

For yourself

There are so many amazing reasons to adopt a plant-based diet. Head over to our resources section to watch some of the documentaries I’ve recommended. I found it extra motivating once I watched a few of these! Sometimes it’s easier to start something when the benefits go beyond yourself.  It gives you extra will power/motivation and you feel like you’re part of a club! Like you’re part of something bigger than yourself.


I am not a doctor or dietitian. The information on here is based on what worked for me. There is a lot of research out there on plant-based diets and the positive impact this diet has on health which really made me comfortable with my plant- based lifestyle choice! If you want to dive more into the science/evidence side of things check out our resources section.  Any statements made on these platforms are not intended to diagnose, cure, treat or prevent any disease or illness. Please consult with your medical practitioner before making any changes to your current diet and lifestyle.

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