make feeling great your new norm. 

I used a plant-based diet to overcome my lifelong symptoms of IBS and Candida (after trying a million other things that

I made you a 10 step starter guide so that you can start your journey to feeling good too!

making plantbased eating your new normal.

Hi! I’m Stormy. Founder of New Norm Co.

I’m super passionate about showing people that a whole food plant-based diet can transform their health.

A plant-based lifestyle helped me heal from:

– life long IBS problems (constipation, bloating, diarrhea)

– life long Candida overgrowth

-brain fog

-chronic fatigue

-chronic yeast infections

-chronic sinus infections

-random skin infections


-hormone problems

-so many other things


If healed all of this for me, imagine what it could do for you!

making feeling good your new normal.

Transitioning to plant-based was confusing at first.

I know a lot of us fear fruit and carbohydrates which make up a lot of a plant-based diet.

Especially if we have candida!

I use to be afraid too but now I know they’re amazing for me and actually helped me heal my candida.

There were a lot of myths to get over and I had to learn how to shop and cook in a whole different way.  (well, really I didn’t know how to cook at all…so I needed to learn how to cook)

I created New Norm Co. to help you with all these things. To raise awareness about how extraordinary a plant-based diet can be and help you make the transition


Life’s too good to spend most of it feeling like shit.


On my podcast I interview people from all walks of life to learn all about their experience becoming and being plant-based.

Their stories are so inspiring and so different from each other!

(..and occasional solo episodes from me)

make a plantbased meal today. 

recipe ideas

How to Use Garlic for Yeast Infections: A step-by-step guide

Please note that I am not a doctor, this is entirely based on my personal experience using garlic for yeast infections. It is important to do your own research before deciding if you’d like to try this as some doctors inform against it and I think it’s important to...

Should I use Garlic for Yeast Infections? My Experience Putting Garlic ‘Up There’

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Why you should give up ‘dieting’ and Consider a Lifestyle Change Instead

I was exhausted with yo-yo dieting. I felt like I would be forever starting and stoping diets forever. It killed my will power, until I realized what I needed was a long term lifestyle change.

What is Candida Albicans? My Candida Story

An overgrowth of candida albicans can make your life a living hell. I know. I’ve experienced it first hand and I’ve beat it! Let me show you how.

How Social Distancing and Coronavirus Make Now an Excellent Time to Go Plant-Based

Social distancing and concerns about health are making now a better time than ever to go plant-based,

What it’s like to live with IBS

Everybody likes a good poop.  Especially people with IBS. Whether you talk about it or not, we all know, that having good poops is way up there on your list of top feel-good things. It was a thing I longed for all my life but only came to me sporadically. It was not...

How I Accidentally Became Vegan & Fixed My Health

If you were to have asked me 5 years ago if I thought I would be living a plant-based/vegan lifestyle, the answer would have been a blatant ‘no’. For one thing, I had never heard the term ‘plant-based’ and barely even knew what a vegan was. Just incase you don’t know...

7 Things That Will Help You Stay on Track to Becoming A Healthy Happy Version of Yourself

Changing your lifestyle can be hard work. I know before I changed mine I always envied those people who exercised on the regular, rarely drank, ate healthy meals, stayed away from bad treats, got lots of shit done and made it look easy. I could not understand how they...

Reasons I am Thankful for Acne

  I never thought I would say that acne changed my life for the better.....but believe me it did.On a day-to-day basis acne is the absolute worst. I get that, if you have acne you probably get that too. I’m not talking about a few zits here and there, I am...

eat more plant

For the planet

For the animals

For yourself

There are so many amazing reasons to adopt a plant-based diet. Head over to our resources section to watch some of the documentaries I’ve recommended. I found it extra motivating once I watched a few documentaries! Sometimes it’s easier to start something when the benefits go beyond yourself.  It gives you extra will power/motivation!


I am not a doctor or dietitian. The information on here is based on what worked for me. There is a lot of research out there on plant-based diets and the positive impact this diet has on health which really made me comfortable with my plant- based lifestyle choice! If you want to dive more into the science/evidence side of things check out our resources section.  Any statements made on these platforms are not intended to diagnose, cure, treat or prevent any disease or illness. Please consult with your medical practitioner before making any changes to your current diet and lifestyle.

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