Ep. 3 – Going Vegan, Travelling as a Vegan and Getting Outside of Your Comfort Zone with Carly Halliday

Feb 19, 2020Podcast

In Episode 3 I chat with Carly Halliday! Carly is an amazing Canadian lady I met this December who currently lives on the sunny Gili Islands in Indonesia.

She is one of those people you meet and you instantly feel like your life is better because she is in it. She’s so optimistic and out-going and full of insightful wisdom- which she shares with us here on the show!

Carly has been living a pretty nomadic lifestyle most of her twenties. She’s a big traveller, a big believer in self-love and the importance of it, and passionate about veganism – so much so she’s been vegan for 7 years :).

She’s also an artist and an entrepreneur in the health and wellness field. Carly is dedicated to helping people become the best versions of themselves in all aspects of life!

In this episode we talk about:

  • how Carly was nudged by her dad to look into veganism
  • how veganism changed her relationship with herself and her view of food
  • how she has managed to stay true to her vegan lifestyle while travelling around the world
  • how Carly stepped out of her comfort zone and became a traveller – and tips on how you can become a traveller too!
  • what it’s like being vegan on the Gili Islands
  • how to step outside of your comfort zone and why it’s so worth it
  • how she got started working as a network marketing professional with Babes and Business and why she loves it
  • tips on how to live a life that you love

Carly’s Instagram: @gently.living


 Show Notes:

Reach out to Carly if you’re interested in joining Babes In Business

OR reach out to Carly if you’re interested in transforming your health with the HSE 16-Week Program

Happy Cow Website – Website to find what places serve vegan food in any city in the world

Happy Cow App – App to find vegan food near you anywhere in the world

Global Work and Travel – program Carly used to get started traveling and working abroad

Bali Spirit Festival 


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